Your Exterior Natural Wood Investment Really Can Stay Looking New With Boodge Log, Siding & Deck Oil

Since the early 1980s, Boodge Company has been restoring, preserving, protecting and renewing natural wood siding, fences, decks, shakes and logs throughout the Colorado high country and Rocky Mountain West.

A signature trait of Boodge products is the extraordinary ability to replenish much needed moisture to wood in the form of a deep-penetrating oil. At the same time, it provides superior waterproofing and longevity while enhancing and prolonging the aesthetic beauty of natural wood.

If you have logs, cedar or redwood siding, wood decking or any other exterior natural wood surface, Boodge Log, Siding & Deck Oil is an outstanding way to ensure you will have beautiful and long-lasting results with a simple maintenance routine that will save substantial amounts of time and money for years to come.

Boodge products remoisturize wood through capillary action.

Since oil and water repel each other, and our products attain deep penetration, they greatly reduce the destructive effects of contraction and expansion of wood when subjected to weathering.

Boodge creates a barrier to moisture because the wood is filled with oil.

Because our products do not form a hard-drying surface film, it is a relatively easy process to maintain a beautiful natural wood appearance through re-application.

Boodge Products are the “Natural Choice” for Value and Protection

Conventional exterior wood care as developed for well over a century, has used a flawed approach that considers wood the same as manmade materials such as plastics and metals. The industry believes that the ideal way to protect wood is to cover it with an extremely hard and resistant coating, thus making it theoretically impervious to weathering.

However, because wood is a natural material that was once living, it has a great amount of natural inconsistencies and simply does not weather and perform the same way as the painted metal and plastic of our cars, for example.

It is evidenced time and again that hard-drying surface coatings fail when covering natural wood and this leads people to end up applying a darker and harder surface until they end up painting instead of staining and using very dark colors to cover up the previous hard- drying surface coatings that failed.

The result is their beautiful natural wood becomes a much less attractive painted building over time, and eventually many replace their natural wood with fabricated options. We see this as a tragedy, as we know and have proven for over 30 years that it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Boodge Company we disagree with conventional wood care philosophy and really made an effort to understand what would protect natural wood in harsh alpine climates where freezing, thawing and UV damage is severe year-round. As such, Boodge truly is the “Natural Choice” that makes it possible for property owners to restore, preserve and protect their natural wood investment while maintaining its natural beauty for life.

One of our first commercial properties in the Vail Valley has been treated with Boodge over the decades and is one of the only remaining structures in the Vail town area that is still a beautiful natural wood color. Everything else has turned black or been painted over with dark colors or the wood replaced with fabricated alternatives.

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