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The WoodCare Professional Series Offers Some Outstanding Benefits to the Contractor!


• Very Low VOC's–This means you are not overcome by noxious smells while applying and your customers Do Not Have To Be Reminded that you were working on their home many weeks prior. Also, you can feel comfortable that you are not contributing to excessive air pollution.

• Low Temperature Application–This means you can extend your normal outdoor working season by several weeks giving you maximum earnings potential and significantly increase your time effeciency by reducing down time spent waiting for temperatures to warm up.

• NO Fear of Rain Ruining the Day OR Worse Yet, Ruining Your Work Project–The reason is rain or moisture has a low chance of affecting the outcome once you apply a Boodge product to dry wood. How many times have you wasted precious time because of the threat of inclimate weather? How many times have you had to re-do something because a few drops of rain wrecked the application? STOP wasting your own time and START meeting more project deadlines, because, weather doesn’t have to slow you down as often.

• Offer the 5-Year Double Gold Guarantee–As a Certified Contractor you can be backed by and offer our exclusive Double Gold Guarantee on Siding and Fences, giving your customers extra assurance that our product is the best they can find.

• Residual Business–This means repeat business. Enjoy lots or repeat business because you have satisfied customers, and more importantly, you can come back to a job, with less effort and cost than the first time, and re-do with the knowledge that it is going to look every bit as good as it did the first time you did it. How many other products can boast that kind of result?!

If you’re a contractor who wants to “do right” for your customers by offering the best available products and service, then, PLEASE consider using one of our WoodCare Professional Series products for your natural wood care needs.

• Superior longevity in their category! (The category: Transparent and Semi-transparent natural wood protectants)
• Minimal preparation headaches!
• Extremely forgiving and almost “Idiot Proof” application. Just put enough on!
• Provides a truly diverse choice from mainstream products!
• Does not appreciably darken over time, as most oil-based products are prone!
• Does not mold & mildew!
• Extremely low VOC’s. This means low air pollution and minimal environmental impact!
• Locally developed and field-tested!
• Exceptional high altitude performance!
• Ease of reapplication!
• “Like new” results with subsequent applications. Repeat applications look just as good as the first!
• One coat coverage!
• Suitable for low temperature application!
• Imminent rain will not usually shut down progress because once Boodge is in the wood it will not be hurt by water. In fact, many contractors use garden hoses on adjacent surfaces, such as windows, immediately after applications. This fact SAVES LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY because there is less interruption of the work schedule and equates to MORE PRODUCTIVITY!
• No need to mask most windows and other surfaces when using the Boodge Company Specialized Application System. Imagine not having to remask everything you already did because it rained or the wind blew it down. This system SAVES LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY for the contractor, making most jobs more profitable and easier than using our competitor’s products!

Important Warning!
Most of these attributes DO NOT pertain to our competitor’s products!

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